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Website Launch

I’m excited about the launch of my new website

I hope you will be too!

I have incorporated some of the music that I’ve written and recorded over my lifetime as a professional pianist, arranger and composer.

I have focused most of the pieces on this website towards music that teachers and students can enjoy.

I have particularly concentrated on music for Flute, Alto Flute and Piano, however many of the pieces can be played on Clarinet, Soprano or Tenor saxophones, with the instrument and piano scores provided. Most of the music is of an intermediate to more advanced grade.

There are also piano accompaniment tracks and a full length recording of each piece by myself on Piano and Joanna Sullivan playing the Flute and Alto Flute parts.

Music is a wonderful way to connect our thoughts and feelings in an abstract way and it can provide us with much joy and a sense of shared consciousness with everything in this incredible universe.

Please visit my website at: and feel free to contact me with any suggestions or requests.